How do we get started?
  • Contact me and we will discuss your vision for the portrait.
  • Send photos. These can be digital images, actual photos, or a combination of both.  Ideally, I like to have several photos as references.  All photographs will be returned to you with the completed portrait.
    • Photos need to be clear, so I can replicate the detail. The eyes are especially important, and are often the key to capturing your beloved pet's true personality, so I need to be able to see them.
  • I will contact you once I receive the source photos, and we can discuss composition.
  • I will create your custom portrait  :0)
  • Once it is complete, I will e-mail a photo or scan of it to get your final approval.
  • Send payment in the form of a check or PayPal
  • Once payment is received, the portrait is sprayed with fixative, and shipped out to you via priority mail.
  • All my work is SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If you are not completely in love with your portrait , I will work to make it right.